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Subject Portals Updated: May 4, 2023

Dead Sea Scrolls
• Dead Sea (Qumran) Scroll Scripts
• Dead Sea Scrolls & the New Testament
• Digital Dead Sea Scrolls
• Isaiah 40:3 Over Two Millennia
• Isaiah 53 at Qumran
• Melchizedek: Angel, Man or Messiah?
• "Messianic" Texts at Qumran
• The Name at Qumran
• Adon Olam
• Christmas is a Yehudi Holiday
• "Echad" in the Shema
• "Elohim" in Biblical Context
• Hanukkah & Yeshua
• HaShem—
The Name
• He Who is Coming: The Hidden Afikoman
• Lies that Jews Changed the Shema
• Marxism: Fallen Messianism of Liberal Jews
• The Myth that All Jews Rejected Jesus
• Predictions of Messiah's Coming in Jewish Literature
• Sanhedrin 43a
• The Shema is Not All (for Yeshua's Followers)
• The Thirteen Principles of Faith
• Why the Rabbis Exiled Daniel (To the Ketuvim)
• Why Pray for Jerusalem?
• Yeshua Did Not Hate Jews
• Are We in the Last Days?
• C.S. Lewis on Atom Bombs (and C-19?)
• Created in God's Image
• Deification of Christ & Veneration of Mary
• "Giving Up Darwin" (David Gelernter)
• Handel's Hebraic "Hallelujah Chorus"
• The Holocaust Window
• Intelligent Design
• The Pre-Trib Rapture: A Devastating Doctrine
• "Returning to the Altar in Jerusalem"
• Solzhenitsyn & the Jewish Believer
• Spiritanity: Religion of the Last Days?
• UFOs, UAPs & Aliens
• When, Not If (What Happened in Gan Eden)
• "The World's Last Night" (C.S. Lewis)
• 1 John 5:7
• 1 John 5:7 & the Book of Mormon
• At the Right Hand of God
• Demons Knew Who Yeshua Was
• The Divine Council in the Hebrew Bible
• Early Christian Creeds
• "Echad" in the Shema
• "Elohim" in Biblical Context
• The Genesis Plurals
• Monotheism and the Bible
• Recovering God: the Father
• The Shema is Not All (For Yeshua's Followers)
• The Trinity Paradigm
• The Two Lords (of Psalm 110:1)
• Who is Shepherd in Acts: the Spirit or Yeshua?
• Worship in the New Testament
• Yeshua's Kehilah
Hazak haYad
• As Was Their Custom (The Jewish Disciples in Scripture)
• Hanukkah & Yeshua
• The Hebrew Meaning of "Jesus"
• How Jewish is the Trinity? A Critique
• A Messianic Kiddush
• Messianic Shemas in the New Testament
• Modern Messianic Creeds
• The Myth that All Jews Rejected Jesus
• Nazarene Jewish Christianity [Ray Pritz]
• Recovering God: The Father
• The Trinity Paradigm

New Testament Studies
• 1 John 5:7
• As Was Their Custom: The Jewish Disciples
• Elohim Ohev et Yeshua (God Loves Yeshua)
• "God Raised the Lord"
• Grace & Peace Come from God and Yeshua
• The Hasidic Mother of Yeshua
• Recovering God: The Father
• Righteous Jews Raised Yeshua
• Saturday Night, The First Day of the Week
• The Shema is Not All (For Yeshua's Followers)
• Song of Moses and the Lamb
• Yeshua bar Abba
• Yeshua Fixed Them Breakfast
• Yeshua Knelt to Pray
• Yeshua Sang Hymns
• Yeshua's (the Lord's) Prayer (Hebrew)

Hebrew Bible Studies
• Aaron's Blessing (Numbers 6:24-26)
• Anti-Myth In Genesis
• Armageddon: God's Final War with Evil Men
• Bezalel: In the Shadow of God
• David, the First Messiah
• The Divine Council in Second Temple Judaism & N.T.
• "Echad" in the Shema
• "Elohim" in Biblical Context
• Eved Adonai—The Two Servants in Isaiah
• The Genesis Plurals
• HaShem—The Name
• The Heavenly Council in the Hebrew Bible & N.T.
• Mediators in the Tanakh & the Mediator Messiah
• "Palestine" in the Bible
• The Third Day: Resurrection Patterns
• Torah Upon the Heart (A Mosaic Idea)
• Virgin Israel: Mother of Yeshua of Nazareth
• The "Virgin" of Isaiah 7:14
• We Have an Intercessor
• What is God's Name?
• Why the Rabbis Exiled Daniel (to the Ketuvim)
• Yashar 30

Ruach Studies
• From holy spirit to Holy Ghost
• "Holy Ghost" in the KJV
• Meanings & Uses of Ruach
• Messiah and the Spirit
• Occurrences of "Holy Spirit" in the NT
• The Personhood of the Holy Spirit (A Biblical Study)
Ruach in the Hebrew Scriptures
• Salutations & Benedictions in the New Testament
• The Spirit Before Pentecost–Acts 2 (David)
• Spiritanity (Religion of the Last Days?)
• Synonyms of Ruach (Hebrew Metaphors)
• Who is Shepherd in Acts: The Spirit or Yeshua?
Unless noted otherwise, all articles were written by Paul Sumner.
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