Raven’s Bread
God's ravens brought him bread in the morning
and in the evening.
(1 Kings 17)

“Liberalism (and its radicalization, Marxism) may well be the fallen messianism of the Jews...but liberalism is predicated upon assumptions regarding the nature of man and his educable potentiality which the [Shoah] destroyed.

“No longer can it be asserted that the world grows better or that mankind improves. It can be said that techniques mature, capacities sophisticate, gifts of manipulation become refined...but their manipulators remain unchanged.

“That the [Shoah] should derive its powers and authentication from the secular state, from societies of high culture and reputed civilization, from the descendants of the era of its own emancipation, in whom Jewry had reposed trust and faith, is and remains astonishing.”

— Arthur A. Cohen
The Tremendum (A Theological Interpretation of the Holocaust)
(1981), 46-47, 49


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