Raven’s Bread
God's ravens brought him bread in the morning
and in the evening. (1 Kings 17)

[From the letters of the late Joy Davidman, a Jewish Christian and former Communist, 1949-51].

“I had to have a direct and shattering experience of God...in order to find out that Marxism was philosophically nonsensical, logically unsound, historically arbitrary, and scientifically half false from the start...

“I've met a few definitely paranoid Communists, and a few embittered failures, but Lord knows the majority of us were just well-meaning half-educated schlemiels, and none a bigger schlemiel than I.

“Some of us had to take the Sacred Writings of Marx and Engels on superstitious trust because we couldn't understand a word of them. Others, like me, were simply too lazy to read them...”

“I think the real basis for joining the [Communist] Party is simply materialism. One must believe that physical realities are the only realities, and that therefore you can make people happy by making them rich—i.e. physically comfortable.

“Further, one must believe that there is no God and consequently no absolute right and wrong; that men are entirely the product of the physical forces working on them and consequently have no appreciable free will, and that therefore history is ‘governed by scientific laws’ which men can know, and by knowing which men can predict the future.

“Well now, of course all of this is great nonsense. But in fact many people do believe it. Primarily the ‘enlightened’ Jews, who are left spiritually bankrupt by the degeneracy of orthodox Judaism into a mixture of insane ritualism and insane nationalist pride.

“It is not an accident that Communism had a Jewish origin and that almost all of its members in this country [USA] are Jews. (The few Gentiles are deliberately shoved into positions of prominence to conceal this fact.)

Karl Marx (1818-1883)

“The American [Communist] party, in the large cities at least, has an almost entirely Jewish character, though it tries desperately to shove its few Anglo-Saxons and the like into the foreground.

“Its atheism is the Jews' atheism, based not on reason but on a combination of disillusion with dead Judaism and hatred of live Christianity. Its ethos is the ethos of the ghetto Jew, surround by jeering moujiks [Russian peasants]...

“Marx himself, I think, functioned primarily as a Jewish atheist rationalizing the emotions that came out of the ghetto; at his desk in the British Museum he was not so unlike the Yeshiva-bocher poring over the Talmud in the synagogue!”

From: Out of My Bone: The Letters of Joy Davidman (Eerdmans, 2009) [from letters written in 1949 & 1951; pages 79-80, 102, 103, 120, 121].


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