Updated: August 1, 2021
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Are We in the Last Days?
Bezalel: In the Shadow of God
"Elohim" in Biblical Context

Everyone is in God's Book of Life (At First)
"Evolutionary Hymn" (CS Lewis) [PDF]
God Knows [New]

The Hebrew Meaning of "Jesus"
How Jewish is the Trinity? [PDF]
"It is Written" (The Authority of the Hebrew Bible)

A Messianic Kiddush
Messianic Realities
Messianic Shemas in the N.T.

The Pre-Tribulation Rapture: A Devastating Doctrine
Recovering God: The Father
Saturday Night: The First Day of the Week

The Shema is Not All (For Yeshua's Disciples)
Spiritanity: Religion of the Last Days?
The Trinity Paradigm

The Two Lords (Psalm 110:1)
When, Not If
Why Pray for Yerushalayim?

Why the Rabbis Exiled Daniel (to the Ketuvim)
Yeshua Called Him "Abba"
Yeshua Prayed in the Early Morning

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The Septuagint Text [LXX, Greek OT] [PDF—2.7 MB]
Three Divisions of the Tanakh: Law, Prophets, Writings
Three Hebrew Texts (Num 6, Isa 55, Ps 103) [PDF]
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