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HaYom (Today)

"If the foundations are destroyed,
what can the righteous do?" (Psalm 11:3)

"The word of our God stands forever." (Isaiah 40:8)

This portal addresses current topics outside—but not unrelated to—the normal focus of our studies.

American Molech
One of the new (but ancient) gods is rising in the United States. [1 HTML page]

Are America, China & Russia in Bible Prophecy?
Courage to apply Scripture without prejudice. [1 HTML page]

Are Britain, Canada & Australia in Bible Prophecy?
Courage to apply Scripture without prejudice. [1 HTML page]

Are the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia in Bible Prophecy?
Courage to apply Scripture without prejudice. [1 HTML page]

Are We in the Last Days? (Yes. They Began in AD 30)
The quest to know when the Last Days, End of Time, Apocalypse will arrive is endless. Marketers of prophetic answers abound. But the New Testament is clear about the issue. [4 HTML pages]

Black Babies Matter
This statement reminds all radical left racists that the #2 enemy of Blacks is Margaret Sanger's originally anti-Negro genocidal program. Their #1 enemy is, in Hebrew, haSatan, the liar and destroyer of individuals and nations throughout time. [1 HTML pages]

C.S. Lewis on Atom Bombs (and WW3?)
In 1948 the late C.S. Lewis delivered a paper about coping with the Cold War hysteria sweeping the world. His remarks are pertinent to our age as World War 3 is threatening the world with apocalyptic scenarios. Three paragraphs of his paper are included, with a link to his entire essay. [2 HTML pages]

Created in God's Image
Genesis 1:31 affirms that God created Adam and Havah in His image. NT texts also tell us Yeshua the Messiah was born of a woman and bore "the image of God." This page of photo links reveal the Creator's work in making a human in his image. [1 HTML page]

Daniel ben Yehudah's Intercessory Prayer
In the Hebrew Scriptures, God prophesied he would one day pour out "the spirit of grace and supplications" on Jerusalem (Zechariah 12). This ancient prayer is a model response. [2 HTML pages]

Deification of Christ and Veneration of Mary
Historian Friederich Heer links the 4th century deification of Christ to the subsequent rise of the cult of veneration/adoration of Mary, his mother. [1 HTML page]

The Female Spirit in Christianity & Judaism
Leon Podles has written a powerful exposé on how the Church turned away from its biblical, masculine qualities in favor of feminized ones. He surveys the feminine spirit in Catholic and Protestant traditions and points out the dangers of a faith where "masculinity" is suppressed. I add my own observations and cite an article on the same phenomenon in liberal Judaism circles. [4 HTML pages]

Four Words: God Forgets

Four Words: If My Father & My Mother Abandon Me

"Giving Up Darwin" (David Gelernter)
Excerpts on why a Yale professor of science gave up on Darwin's theory of evolution and embraced Intelligent Design as the only viable alternative to explain Creation. [2 PDF pages]. [New]

God Did Not Reject His People (Israel)
Scripture is very clear about this. [2 HTML pages]

Handel's Hebraic "Hallelujah Chorus"
George Frederic Handel (1685-1759) uses three texts from the book of Revelation that best summarize Hebrew monotheistic ideology. [2 HTML pages]

The Hebrew Meaning of "Jesus"
Basic word studies that link "Jesus" to the Hebrew word of God. [2 HTML pages]

The Holocaust Window
A memorial display in Princeton, New Jersey, created to remember Yeshua the Jewish Messiah and his view of the Holocaust.

Intelligent Design
Lists of websites and books. [3 HTML pages]

Is Peloni Almoni Going to Hell?
A story about a man who chooses his own destiny. [2 HTML pages]

Isa (Jesus) in the Qur'an
Jesus is mentioned many times in the Qur'an, the scriptures of Islam. Usually he is referred to as "the son of Mary" and sometimes as "the Messiah." He is revered as a great prophet. But the Qur'an condemns any one who believes he is the son of God. This document quotes most of the passages about Jesus in an English Qur'an. [5 HTML pages]

Islamo-Philia: A Neurotic Reaction Against Truth [New]
This article by Jack Wisdom points to the willing blindness of American liberals regarding Islamist intolerance toward all other religions, especially Judaism and Christianity. Jihadists have intimidated Leftist Progressives in the West to sublimate their own hatreds for Western religions and government out of fear of Islam's totalitarian drive to conquer the West. This article is available here with the permission of the journal [22March2019]. [2 PDF pages]

Joy Davidman Biography (by Lyle W. Dorsett)
(Helen) Joy Davidman was a genius Jewish atheist, author, and short-time communist activist from New York City. Under the influence of C.S. Lewis's writing and reading the Bible, he became a devout practicing Christian. She eventually moved to England, met Lewis, and in 1956 she married him. She died in 1960. (He died in 1963.) [8 PDF pages]

"Learning in War-Time" (C.S. Lewis)
Excerpts from a message given at Oxford University in October 1939, one month after the Germans started World War II. [3 PDF pages]

Marxism: Fallen Messianism of Liberal Jews? (Arthur Cohen)
The Holocaust emerged from the most liberal, advanced and secular culture in Europe. [1 HTML page]

Molech Consumes American Black Children
A photo and Scriptures. [1 HTML page]

Molech Consumes Muslim Boys
A photo and Scriptures. [1 HTML page]

Molech Consumes Muslim Children
A photo and Scriptures. [1 HTML page]

"Never Again!"
The past returns. And the people of Israel are allowing it to happen. [1 HTML page]

Our Lady of Fatima, UFOs, and September 1994
The May 2011 failed prophecies of Harold Camping ( about the Rapture of Christians and the End of the World, reminded me of a tract I wrote in 1994. This 4-page PDF article theorizes about the conjunction of supernatural events that may or may not happen. Even though my thoughts are nearly two decades old, "conjunctions" seem even more viable today.

The Pre-Tribulation Rapture: A Devastating Doctrine
Some influential Messianic and Protestant Evangelicals are teaching their people a doctrine that is inherently unScriptural, anti-Jewish, and ultimately destructive to people's faith. [5 HTML pages]

A PDF version of this study is also available:
The Pre-Tribulation Rapture: A Devastating Doctrine [8 PDF pages]

Returning to the Altar in Jerusalem [a sermon]. Composed and delivered by Paul Sumner at Pepperdine University in 1990. [2 PDF pages]

Satan Recruits Muslim Children
The Evil One is decimating another generation. [1 HTML page]

Solzhenitsyn & the Jewish Believer
The late Alexander Solzhenitsyn was brought back to life by a Jewish doctor in one of Stalin's infamous Gulag prison camps. The doctor was a disciple of Jesus of Nazareth. [3 HTML pages]

“Soros’ War Against the Jews” (by Daniel Greenfield)
"The shame, hatred and megalomania driving the world’s wealthiest anti-Semite. The Soros final solution to anti-Semitism is the familiar Marxist formula of getting rid of anti-Semitism by getting rid of the Jews. When there are no more Jews, then Soros will be cured of his secret shame. All it will take is another Holocaust." [Reprinted from [7 PDF pages] [New]

Spiritanity: Religion of the Last Days?
Focus on and worship of the Holy Spirit has been an old phenonemon in various quarters of the Christian Church, from Roman Catholics to Protestants and charismatic cults. The movement has produced deceptive spiritual effects because it leads many into idolatry of a "Different Spirit" (2 Cor 11:4). [7 HTML pages]

A Temple Not Mine
The Notre Dame cathedral fire in April 2019 revealed a disparity between Rome and the New Testament. [1 HTML text & photo page]

The Thirteen Principles of Faith of Maimonides
Rabbi Moses ben Maimon (Rambam; 1135-1204) set down these principles as a semi-creedal expression of Jewish faith, partly to counter Christian and Muslim beliefs. [3 HTML pages].

Three Words: For When Sin Rushes in Like a Flood
Romans 8:33-34; Hebrews 7:24-25; 1 John 1:9; 2:1b.

UFOs, UAPs & Aliens
My personal view is that UFOs and aliens are "real." But they are not what the pop culture says about them. [2 HTML pages]. See the linked book chapter from Hugh Ross's Lights in the Sky and Little Green Men [28 PDF pages.] From Reasons to

What Happened in Gan Eden?
Our life spans are in the hands of the Creator. We don't know how long they'll last. We are told, however, Whom we will face when our days are over. [1 HTML page] [New]

Why Pray for Jerusalem?
Seeking the well-being of this City has been imposed upon all believers for nearly 3,000 years. Why? What's the driving reason? What do we gain if we pray for her? [3 HTML pages]

"World's Last Night" (C.S. Lewis)
Brief summary showing how the doctrine of the Second Coming radically opposes the dangerous "myth" of progressive Evolution. [2 PDF pages]

Yeshua Did Not Hate Jews
Some people want to edit the New Testament so it doesn't inflame anti-Semitic attitudes. But is the NT the cause of Christian anti-Jewish feelings and actions? This study argues that what happened in Church history has little to do with Yeshua or his disciples—any more than the fiery words of Isaiah and Jeremiah thrown at Jerusalem are responsible for the tragedies of Jewish history. In reality, had the Church paid attention to the teachings of the NT, no Jewish person would ever have suffered at the hands of Christians. [6 HTML pages]

Yeshua Accepts Persian Women
Readers of the gospels know that Yeshua's welcoming, forgiving attitude toward non-Jewish women in his time continues to this day. [4 HTML pages]

Yeshua Speaks to Palestinian Parents
Yeshua is concerned for their children. [1 HTML page]

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