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All graphics (tho not the Mac logo) were designed by M. H. Sumner, using Adobe PhotoShop and Illustrator.

Hypertext markup tags were hand-keyed in without the use of text editors.

Primary composition software included Apple SimpleText and TextEdit, Microsoft Word 5.1a (yes, 1992), Word 2004 for Mac, and Mellel Hebrew-English Word Processor for Mac OS X (made in Israel by "Macniks"), and Adobe Acrobat.

On displaying Hebrew in Unicode, see Alan Wood's page.


Hebrew and Greek fonts for Mac and Windows are available for download from:
Linguist's Software
Society of Biblical Literature
SIL (Summer Institute of Linguistics)

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"HaShem will create over the whole area of Mount Zion
and over her meeting places …
the brightness of a flaming fire by night."

(Isaiah 4:5)