The Hebrew Bible word yashar is used for what is "straight, upright or right." In Modern Hebrew it also means "righteous, direct or honest."

God himself is called "Yashar" (Isa 26:7; Ps 25:8), and his word is "yashar" (Ps 19:9; 33:4). His people are called to live "yashar" lives (Deut 6:18; Ps 112:4).


When I began this study paper in 1986, I chose this word to represent what I believed the Hebrew Scriptures and New Testament were calling people in our time to rediscover: honest, straight teachings in the Bible, without twisting, gnarled interpretations often found in religious traditions.

The PDF of Yashar 30 (April 1995) is 20 pages long. Click on the title to open or download it.