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Yeshua, Islam, and Al-Haqq

"'The Jewish leaders said to Yeshua,
'We are Avraham's offspring
and have never yet been enslaved to anyone.
How is it that you say to us, "You shall become free"?' "

"Yeshua answered them, 'Amen, amen, I say to you:
Every one who commits sin is the slave of sin...
If therefore the Son of Man shall make you free,
you shall be free indeed.' "

(John 8:33-36 paraphrased)

Eved HaShem—The Two Servants in Isaiah
Who is the "Servant" in the book of Isaiah? One view says he is the nation Israel, the other says he is the Messiah. A careful study of the prophet himself shows there are two Servants of the Lord, not one. [5 HTML pages]

Four Words: If Abba and Imma Abandon Me

Elohim Ohev et Yeshua
Whom God loves makes a validation and an example. [2 HTML pages]

Intelligent Design
Numerous scientific studies reveal purposeful Design in the universe, in the Created Order. Here is a list of pertinent reference material. [3 HTML pages]

Isa (Jesus) in the Qur'an
Jesus is mentioned many times in the Qur'an, the scriptures of Islam. Usually he is referred to as "the son of Mary" and sometimes as "the Messiah." He is revered as a great prophet. But the Qur'an condemns any one who believes he is the son of God. This document quotes most of the passages about Jesus in an English Qur'an. [5 HTML pages]

L'Chayim: Created in God's Image
Genesis 1:31 affirms that God created Adam and Havah in His image. To destroy this image is to destroy His creation. [1 HTML page]

Molech Consumes Muslim Boys
A photo and Scriptures. [1 HTML page]

Molech Consumes Muslim Babies
A photo and Scriptures. [1 HTML page]

Yeshua Fixed Them Breakfast
In a scene inacted on the shore of Kinneret, Yeshua expresses God forgiving love toward unfaithful followers — and all of us ever since. [3 HTML pages]

Yeshua Speaks to Palestinian Parents
Yeshua is concerned for their children. [1 HTML page]

Yeshua Accepts Persian Women
Readers of the gospels know that Yeshua's welcoming, forgiving attitude toward non-Jewish women in his time continues to this day. [4 HTML pages]

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