Worship in the New Testament:
Following Hebrew Bible Maps
Worship reveals belief. Whom people worship tells you their theology; what they understand about God.

This indepth survey of worship among the first Jewish disciples and apostles gives us a window into the thinking of those most influenced by and closest in time to Yeshua of Nazareth. Also discussed are the few times divine beings are said to worship in the heavenly temple.

In their prayers and worship, and in the imagery they use to express their mental pictures about God and Messiah, we encounter a consistent limitation, a line over which the disciples and angels do not cross.

In contrast, later Christian devotion crossed that line, under the impulse of evolving systematic theology.

This study looks at NT verbs for prayer, request, blessing, thanksgiving, worship, and praise. It looks at the details of visions of Heaven in Acts 7, Hebrews 12, and the book of Revelation. And it highlights the prayer and worship patterns of Yeshua himself (that he worshiped and prayed is of value to any discussion of New Testament theology).

Discussion is also included of the identity of "the Ancient of Days" in Daniel 7. In brief, he is God who gives the Kingdom to the Messiah.

Click HERE to open or download the article. It's a PDF and runs 16 pages.

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