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Israeli Jews Says Yes to Yeshua



Here are witness statements by Israeli Jews and English-speaking Jews that tell why they came to accept Yeshua of Nazareth as their Messiah.

The ones marked "Hebrew" also have English subtitles. Links are to One For Israel and I Met Messiah.

Unnamed (male). In Hebrew. Time: 4:03

Avner. In Hebrew. Time: 4:57

Moti Vaknin In Hebrew. Time: 14:45


Unnamed Male. In English. Time: 5:20

Unnamed Female. In English. Time: 5:50

Unnamed Female. In English. Time: 7:05


Ayelet Evans. In English. Time: 5:53

Olivier Melnick. In English. Time: 6:24

Professor (male). In English. Time: 8:13

Laywer (female). In English. Time: 7:26

This blog from 16 January 2017 is also informative: Joel Rosenberg's Blog.