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HaYom (Today)

"If the foundations are destroyed,
what can the righteous do?" (Psalm 11:3)

"The word of our God stands forever." (Isaiah 40:8)

This portal addresses current topics outside—but not unrelated to—the normal focus of our studies.

American Jews: The Last Leftist Jews in the World
Author Daniel Greenfield, of the David Horowitz Freedom Center in New York, has penned a devastating piece about elitist Jewish liberals whose ideologies are destructive to American society and the Jewish Community itself. This article from FrontPage Magazine is posted here with the permission of the Horowitz Freedom Center. [5 PDF pages]

American Molech
One of the new (but ancient) gods is rising in the United States. [1 HTML page]

Are America, China & Russia in Bible Prophecy?
Courage to apply Scripture without prejudice. [1 HTML page]

Are Britain, South Africa & Australia in Bible Prophecy?
Courage to apply Scripture without prejudice. [1 HTML page]

Daniel ben Yehudah's Intercessory Prayer
In the Hebrew Scriptures, God prophesied he would one day pour out "the spirit of grace and supplications" on Jerusalem (Zechariah 12). This ancient prayer is a model response. [2 HTML pages]

Deification of Christ and Veneration of Mary
Historian Friederich Heer links the 4th century deification of Christ to the subsequent rise of the cult of veneration/adoration of Mary, his mother. [1 HTML page]

The Female Spirit in Christianity & Judaism
Leon Podles has written a powerful exposé on how the Church turned away from its biblical, masculine qualities in favor of feminized ones. He surveys the feminine spirit in Catholic and Protestant traditions and points out the dangers of a faith where "masculinity" is suppressed. I add my own observations and cite an article on the same phenomenon in liberal Judaism circles. [4 HTML pages]

Four Words: God Forgets

Four Words: If My Father & My Mother Abandon Me

The Fourth Blood Moon
End Times prophecy experts made big money predicting catastrophic events at the appearance of the full moon eclipse at the festival of Sukkot in September 2015. [1 HTML page]

God Did Not Reject His People (Romans 11:2)
Scripture is very clear about this. [2 HTML pages]

Handel's Hebraic "Hallelujah Chorus"
George Frederic Handel (1685-1759) uses three texts from the book of Revelation that best summarize Hebrew monotheistic ideology. [2 HTML pages]

"He Curdled Me Like Cheese
A photo and Scripture. [1 HTML page]

"He Made Me
A photo and Scripture. [1 HTML page]

"He Made the Stars Also"
A photo and Scripture. [1 HTML page]

Isa (Jesus) in the Qur'an
Jesus is mentioned many times in the Qur'an, the scriptures of Islam. Usually he is referred to as "the son of Mary" and sometimes as "the Messiah." He is revered as a great prophet. But the Qur'an condemns any one who believes he is the son of God. This document quotes most of the passages about Jesus in an English Qur'an. [5 HTML pages]

"Learning in War-Time" (C.S. Lewis)
Excerpts from a message given at Oxford University in October 1939. [3 PDF pages]

"Never Again!"
The past returns. And the people of Israel are allowing it to happen. [1 HTML page]

Our Lady of Fatima, UFOs, and September 1994
The May 2011 failed prophecies of Harold Camping ( about the Rapture of Christians and the End of the World, reminded me of a tract I wrote in 1994. This 4-page PDF article theorizes about the conjunction of supernatural events that may or may not happen. Even though my thoughts are some two decades old, "conjunctions" seem even more viable today.

The Pre-Tribulation Rapture
Some influential Protestant Evangelicals are teaching their people a doctrine created in the 19th century that is at its root anti-Jewish and inherently unScriptural. [2 HTML pages]

Religion of Peace
Muslims did this in the name of the All Merciful. [1 HTML page]

Solzhenitsyn & the Jewish Believer
The late Alexander Solzhenitsyn was brought back to life by a Jewish doctor in one of Stalin's infamous Gulag prison camps. The doctor was a disciple of Jesus of Nazareth. [3 HTML pages]

Through an open back door in Christian speculations about the Godhead Another Spirit enters who would create another religion centered on himself. [5 HTML pages]

Three Words: For When Sin Rushes in Like a Flood

UFOs & Aliens: A Personal View [New] [1 HTML page]

Why Jews Hate Guns
Written by Rabbi Dovid Bendory for the American organization Jews For the Preservation of Firearms Ownership [JPFO], this study articulates why secular American Jews are opposed to private ownership of self-defense weapons, and why their efforts can lead to mass murder. Bendory discusses 10 reasons why non-religious Jews adamantly hold anti-gun views. [Posted here with permission of JPFO.] [4 PDF pages]

Why Pray for Jerusalem?
Seeking the well-being of this City has been imposed upon all believers for nearly 3,000 years. Why? What's the driving reason? What do we gain if we pray for her? [3 HTML pages]

"World's Last Night" (C.S. Lewis)
Brief summary showing how the doctrine of the Second Coming radically opposes the dangerous "myth" of progressive Evolution. [2 PDF pages]

Yeshua Forgives Muslim Women
Readers of the gospels know that Yeshua's attitude toward women in his time continues to this day. [4 HTML pages]

Yeshua Speaks to Palestinian Parents
Yeshua is concerned for their children. [1 HTML page]

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