Raven’s Bread
God's ravens brought him bread in the morning
and in the evening. (1 Kings 17)

“We cannot understand the tragedy of the Holocaust as coming from German hands, unless we understand how Jewry celebrated German civilization, which is to say, celebrated ‘man.’

“The single brute fact of modern times is that the systematic annihiliation of European Jewry was performed not by some primitive people but by the most illustrious civilization in all of history. Ironically, it was precisely this civilization that the Jews idolized and admired beyond all others.

“Until the advent of Hitler, Germany was looked upon as ultimate civilization. We had lost our biblical orientation long before. There was little or no expectation of a Messiah who would come in His own person. On the contrary, the view increasingly was that there would be an enlightened Messianic age, of the kind that German civlization was already nearly exhibiting. ...

“We suffered at the hands of the very nation we had esteemed. We lacked the understanding of human depravity which would have been ours if we had well considered the Holocaust of the Cross. ... So impressive are we in our own sight that we are blinded to that corruption inherent in the very nature of Man himself as man, a corruption that is deeper that German civilization itself.

“We did not consider, and still have not considered, that God would allow something of so vaunted a kind to reach such an ultimate bankruptcy as to express itself in Nazi bestiality. It controverted everything in which we had hoped, and did so suddenly, with a fury poured out!

“It was as if God had patiently waited and waited, but we would not be deterred. We determined to make the world our own paradise independent of Him and His assessment of our, and all mankind’s, conditon.

— Art Katz
The Holocaust: Where Was God? (The Holocaust as Judgment)
(1998), chapter 4

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