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Paul Sumner

  Since before the Yom Kippur War, I have adventurously navigated the Hebrew Bible and Hebrew currents within the New Testament. My journeys have been far-ranging, ongoing and existential.

My journey toward Hebrew Homeland (my term) has been one of discovering and nourishing a Hebraic consciousness. It was deepened by trips to Israel, studies at two seminaries and two colleges, and especially by sitting under an elderly, wise, non-Jewish, Hebrew tutor.


One fruit of my explorations is my graduate thesis on the Heavenly Council in the Hebrew Bible, Judaism, and New Testament. Another fruit was a study paper I published during 1986–1995 called Yashar [PDF], which matured into this website and went online in 1998.

From my studies in the Bible, I have come to believe in whole Bible theology. This is in contrast to Dogmatic Theology, which is the interpretive starting point of Christian theology.

Biblical Theology listens carefully to the Scripture's own terms, emphases, and structural patterns. It pays attention to the "doctrines" it wants its readers to take seriously. It does not seek to impose the assumptions, categories, biases, and agendas of later Systematic Theology that often uses the Bible as a ventriloquist's dummy.


A recurring theme of this website is to encourage readers to look more closely and deeply into the Hebrew-rooted New Testament to discern the streams of Hebrew revelation.

For encouragement, this site seeks to answer the prophet's longing:

“Oh, that I had in the desert
A wayfarer's lodging [melon orchim].”

(Jeremiah 9:1 Heb)

Kiddush beside Yam Kinneret (Sea of Galilee)
[Scene composed by Lucy Paz, Ramat HaGolan, Israel]

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