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Armageddon: God's Final War
"Elohim" in Biblical Context
"He Made Me"

The Hebrew Meaning of "Jesus"
He Who is Coming: The Hidden Afikoman
The Last Passover of Yeshua [PDF]

Lies that Jews Changed the Shema
Mediators in Tanakh & Mediator Messiah
A Messianic Kiddush

The Myth of Jewish Rejection of Jesus
A Passover Prayer [PDF]
Re-enthroning God, the Father

The Shema is Not All
Song of the Lamb
The Third Day: Resurrection Patterns in Hebrew Bible

What is Monotheism? A Survey
Who Killed Yeshua?
Yeshua Speaks to Palestinian Parents

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Three Divisions of the Tanakh
Three Hebrew Texts (Num 6, Isa 55, Ps 103) [PDF]

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