Why I Don't Facebook/Twitter

These two social communities tend to create addictive co-dependent behavior in large numbers of users.

For the Addicted Ones, the compass of their world responds to what others say about them, about the hot topics of the day — about any- and everything in the Universe. They have to know what everyone else thinks and does.

They can't not post.
They can't not read others' postings.
They can't not post in response.
They can't not check postings to their postings of other postings.
They just can't not . . .

Their obsession • addiction • compulsion depletes them and vanquishes sound thinking.

They allow their mental and spiritual compass to be spun 360 by friends, family, and articulate, seemingly all-knowing but rumor-concocting and lie-spreading Strangers.

Insidious for everyone is that these organs of social interaction are, what my British friend calls, "thieves of time." I add: "thieves of soul."

Years ago, I decided that my website would not be a public kiosk where anyone could click in, scan the material and type critiques, hoping to see comment chains emerge into brush fires — whether or not I responded to any remarks.

I want the site to remain mine, not a public vessel for pirates to hijack and exploit as their own Alt-podium to dispense obscenities, slander, corrosive acid.

My contact address is posted. Visitors are welcome to write and express their fumes, perplexity, or appreciation — to me personally. But I don't post reader messages, their email addresses, or my responses online. I believe in respectful and confidential communication.

Final thoughts:

My studies are also not Twitterized. A few of them run several (printed) pages. That's purposeful. With any article, I want to substantiate my views so others can validate them.

Web gurus will say short-attention-span readers won't spend 4 nano-seconds on a website like this. Okay. I don't research, write and edit for Nano Readers.

Metaphorically, if readers want to ascend the Matterhorn in a warm, tourist-friendly gondola, my site isn't for them.

If they're willing to spend time and expend energy hiking upward, I hope my studies reward their effort.

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