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  Not everything on these sites affirms my beliefs or has my endorsement. But the material, I think, is very important to preview. Blue titles are hot links.

One For Israel [ ]
"One For Israel" contains YouTube comments by Israeli Jews who believe in Yeshua as Messiah — and why.


The website in Hebrew is HaMashiach [ ].

Netivyah [ ]
Netivyah ("Way of the Lord") is a Jerusalem-based Bible instruction ministry directed by Joseph Shulam, a Sephardic Jewish disciple of Yeshua who immigrated to Israel in 1948. Shulam has co-written detailed commentaries on Acts, Romans, and Galatians, that explore the Hebrew/Jewish roots of these NT books. He also travels and teaches around the world, promoting a restoration of first-century Messianic faith in Yeshua the Messiah.


Be'Ad Chaim (Pro Life) [ ]
Their Hebrew site: [ ]

The Be'ad Chaim Association stands for "the protection of the woman and unborn child" and "promoting the sanctity of life." Founded in Israel in 1985 by "Bible believers," the group now provides crisis pregnancy centers in Jerusalem, Beer Sheva, Kiryat Yam, Tiberias, Ashkelon, Netanya and Nazareth. They provide hot-line services, free pregnancy tests, counseling, and post-birth assistance, such as clothing and emotional support — regardless of nationality or religious beliefs. They also periodically hold services at "Ganei Chaim" (Garden of Life), a memorial forest in honor of unborn children lost to abortion or miscarriage.

Please see pictorial: Rachel is Weeping

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Ravi Zacharias [ ]
Born in India, Zacharias decided as a teenager that Jesus was who he said he was. His Hindu family kicked him out. The RZIM organization (founded 1984) focuses on apologetics and evangelism to skeptics, cultural influencers and critical thinkers. His pointed articulation of biblical faith suggests (to me) that he is a successor to the late Francis Schaeffer of L'Abri in Switzerland, the great apologist and critic of humanistic, godless cultures.


Art Katz [ ]
New York-born Jew Art Katz (1929—2007) early became an atheist Marxist and anti-Christian. In adulthood, in Jerusalem, he became a committed believer in and follower of Yeshua of Nazareth as Messiah and Lord. He wrote with experience from the "dark side," in that he knew what Jewish unbelief is like. He wrote starkly about the consequences of that national unbelief and willful idolization of human edifices such as Germany and the United States — especially in The Holocaust: Where Was God? His rich library of books, articles, and audio recordings are available from the website, carried on by the ministry he founded.


Intelligent Design [ ]
Intelligent Design Network []
Uncommon Descent - Serving the Intelligent Design Community [ ]
"The theory of intelligent design holds that certain features of the universe and of living things are best explained by an intelligent cause rather than an undirected process such as natural selection. ID is thus a scientific disagreement with the core claim of evolutionary theory that the apparent design of living systems is an allusion." [Quote from]

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[See List of ID books, materials and websites.]

Israel Today [ ]
A balanced source of news from Israel.



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